Resources to help you live well with pain

We’ve created a wide range of resources to help you manage your pain. People who use them say they have helped them grow in confidence and get more out of life.

What kinds of resources are there?

Our resources are a mixture of video stories, leaflets to download, links to trusted information online, short articles to read, and templates to print out to help you with your pain management planning.
There is a whole set of pages taking you through a ten step learning process which we’ve called Ten Footsteps to Living Well with Pain.
And we are adding new content all the time as our network of clinicians and people living with pain grows, and more people contribute to our resource collection.

Not just for people with pain

Live Well with Pain is not just for people wih persistent pain. It’s for health care professionals too.
We’ve developed a rich collection of self management tools and techniques for use by clinicians and other practitioners who are working with people with pain.


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Always trusted, always free

Live Well with Pain’s resources offer tried, tested, and effective ways to develop your confidence to self manage your pain.
And everything is completely free to use, whether you are a person living with persistent pain, a carer, or a health care professional supporting people to develop their self management skills.