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Live Well with Pain produces a newletter about three times a year. It features a wide range of articles of interest to clinicians and others working with pain, as well as pieces written by and for people who live with persistent pain.

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January 2024 issue out now

Newsletter issue 14, January 2024

Inside issue 14
  • Training the trainers
  • British Pain Society survey update
  • How to set up a Pain Café
  • Meet the practitioners – Betsan Corkhill
  • Books to beat pain
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Explore past issues of the newsletter

Newsletter issue 13, April 2023

Inside issue 13
  • Training social prescribers – evaluation results
  • Introducing new team members
  • Beyond pills – Pain Cafés in Cornwall
  • And more
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Newsletter issue 12, September 2022

Inside issue 12
  • Live Well with Pain at this year’s Best Practice Show in October
  • Unmasking Pain
  • Sleeping well with Sleepstation
  • Living well, looking great
  • The Ten Footsteps Training Programme
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Newsletter issue 11, May 2022

Inside issue 11
  • Safe prescribing and withdrawal of medicines associated with dependence
  • New support for people receiving analgesics after hospital admission for surgery
  • Online pain management: the client experience
  • More bright ideas: a review of the project that won us the Bright Ideas in Health Award in 2021
  • The Live Well with Pain Ten Footsteps Training Programme
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Newsletter issue 10, March 2022

Inside issue 10
  • Footsteps Festival roundup: what’s happening over the coming months
  • National recognition for a ‘bright ideas
  • Pointing the way for people to care for themselves while caring for others
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Newsletter issue 9, May 2021

Inside issue 9

Special issue on relationships

  • Pain and relationships
    Intimacy and persistent pain
  • Relationships at work
  • Learning to face the world
  • Footsteps Festival 2021
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Newsletter issue 8, September 2020

Inside issue 8
  • Why I’ve joined Live Well with Pain
  • Coping with pain during Covid19: lockdown day 40
  • Alternatives to face-to-face pain service delivery
  • Learning to self-manage persistent pain – one footstep at a time
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Newsletter issue 7, March 2020

Inside issue 7
  • Making the most of physiotherapy
  • How to eat a plane (re-booting SMART goal setting)
  • Can pain self-care programmes really work in community settings?
  • Opioid analgesics on Horizon: Reaction to the Michael Moseley programme
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Newsletter issue 6, October 2019

Inside issue 6
  • Life After Opioids – Louise’s Story
  • Histamine and histamine receptors: new kids on the block for persistent neuropathic pain relief?
  • A tool for understanding needs
  • Addicted to painkillers? The reality behind the headlines
  • Managing flare-ups: a practical guide
  • The black hole of pain
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Newsletter issue 5, May 2019

Inside issue 5
  • Getting with the (sleep) programme
  • Medicinal Cannabis
  • The rise and rise of gabapentinoids
  • From chronic pain to health coaching and activation
  • Books and new resources
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Newsletter issue 4, January 2019

Inside issue 4
  • Medicines: never the full picture
  • Taking on tapering
  • Introducing and agreeing an appropriate model
  • Using an outcome measure for a Chronic Pain Service
  • It’s a goal! (setting activity and lifestyle goals)
  • Degrees of difference
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Newsletter issue 3, October 2018

Inside issue 3
  • Hammering home the message
  • Changing roles and establishing a collaborative working relationship
  • Pain and prescribing – what’s in a number?
  • Beyond managing medication
  • Pain and the brain – how it really works
  • More new visual resources from Live Well with Pain
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Newsletter issue 2, July 2018

Inside issue 2
  • New look website
  • Understanding beliefs about pain and facilitating change
  • More about safer use of opioids
  • The Health Needs Assessment Tool (HNA)
  • The Pain Management Plan (PMP)
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Newsletter issue 1, March 2018

Inside issue 1
  • What is happening on Gabapentinoids and controlled drugs options?
  • Sleep and pain
  • Statement on Opioid prescribing
  • Pain Management Programme workbook new on the scene
  • Eve Jenner profile
  • Reading Well for pain
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