Meet the people behind Live Well with Pain

Live Well with Pain was created by a small group of health care professionals in England working in pain management, using a self management approach with their patients. Seeing how successful it could be, they wanted to share their approach with more people.

At first this simply meant creating some resources for liked-minded clinicians to use. They distributed PDFs to a small number of GPs. Gradually the word spread. Over time the project grew to become Live Well with Pain.
Today over 40,000 health care professionals access our online clinician resources annually. A further 40,000 people living with pain access our self management resources.

Experts who live with pain

In recent years, Live Well with Pain’s core steering group has been joined by another kind of expert: people who themselves live with persistent pain.
Their lived experience of persistent pain brings an extra dimension to Live Well with Pain. It has helped us strengthen what we offer to people who live with pain and led to an annual creative festival all about living well despite the pain.

Meet the team