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We are often asked by clinicians and other practitioners whether it’s possible to buy printed versions of our publications. In response, we are now pleased to be able to offer multiple copies of some of our most popular resources.

All booklets are professionally printed and are available in a range of quantities. Order as few as 50 copies – or as many as you need. Your order will usually be delivered within a few days of receiving payment.
Like the online resources on which they are based, all our printed publications are written in a clear style, and are well designed and easy to use, making them an ideal tool to support your work with people developing their self-management skills.


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Ten Footsteps Handbook

Developed by a clinical psychologist working with Live Well with Pain, the Ten Footsteps Handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Ten Footsteps programme on our website.
This 48 page A5 handbook provides a range of complementary activities for a person to do while exploring the Ten Footsteps online.
Ideal for those who are exploring the Ten Footsteps approach on their own or in a facilitated group situation, the handbook has lots of space to make notes. Printed in black and white – so you can even do the odd bit of mindful colouring!
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Booklets for the self-management journey

Every year, thousands of people learn to self-manage their persistent pain using Live Well with Pain’s resources. Our printed booklets focus on some of the key skills people will need on their self-management journey.
They are professionally printed in full colour and produced in a handy A5, saddle stitched format.
We offer the following printed booklets:

Goal Setting  

Achieving goals, especially for people living with persistent pain, can be difficult and challenging. One way of increasing the ability to reach goals is to develop the skill of goal setting. This 8 page A5 booklet explains how.

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Pacing is a key everyday skill for people living with persistent pain. This 12 page A5 booklet offers useful techniques for learning how to balance activities through the day and avoid the common ‘boom and bust’ cycle experienced by many with persistent pain.

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How to Sleep Well with Pain  

This 16 page A5 booklet draws on recent sleep research and provides simple-to-follow guidance for people to develop the skills they need to start getting a good night’s sleep.

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Ten Footsteps to Living Well with Pain  

The 24 page, A5 Ten Footsteps booklet contains a summary of each of the footsteps from our website, from acceptance right through to managing setbacks. An invaluable tool to share with the person you are supporting.

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We will reply via email with a confirmation of the price and an invoice for the total amount, together with details for making your payment via BACS.
On receipt of payment in full we will place the order and send you a confirmation email.
Delivery of the printed resources is usually within a week.

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If you have any questions about our printed resources, please take a look at our Frequently asked questions.
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