Many people with persistent pain spend years looking for a medical explanation and for someone to fix their pain. Sadly we now know that most persistent pain can’t be cured. In fact, with the frustration and stress of trying to make it go away, the pain systems in your brain can actually become more sensitive – and the pain becomes worse.

This doesn’t mean that things can’t change or improve, however. Many people living with pain have found a way forward by learning to be more accepting of their pain.


Tame the Beast

Leading neuroscientist Lorimer Moseley and his colleagues have created an amazing little animation that explains the journey to acceptance and living well with pain.
Learning to accept persistent pain in your life is not easy and it is certainly not about giving in or resigning yourself to pain.
It can be hard to accept you are not the person you once were and that your life is different now. However if you can accept that things have changed, then it’s easier to switch your focus and energy towards living your life.

Acceptance is a skill

Learning acceptance is a skill in itself. The Ten Footsteps programme includes a footsteps dedicated to acceptance where you can hear the experiences of others and learn acceptance skills for yourself.

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