Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing Public Lecture

Chronic pain is the biggest reason people in the UK see their GP. The World Health Organisation (WHO) finally recognised it as a priority disease in 2019. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has also recently accepted that current chronic pain medications have limited long-term benefit, and in fact carry serious safety concerns.
That is why reducing opioid prescriptions (for non-cancer pain) to zero by 2024 is a priority for Public Health England (PHE). To support this, a different way of action about health and care in pain management is urgently required.
In this recording of an online public lecture for the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, Drs Paul Chazot and Live Well with Pain’s Frances Cole discuss the person-centred approach to pain self management.

Duration of video 37 minutes

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