Ten Top Tips from Dr Tim Williams

In this highly informative series of short videos, community pain specialist Dr Tim Williams teams up with Live Well with Pain, to present his Ten Top Tips for supporting pain self management in primary care.

Tip 1

Self management with confidence is the aim

(duration of video: 47 seconds)


Tip 2

Take your time

(duration of video: 48 seconds)

Tip 3

Listen to the pain story

(duration of video: 1 minute)

Tip 4

Form person-centred goals

(duration of video: 43 seconds)

Tip 5

Metaphors help explain pain

(duration of video: 41 seconds)

Tip 6

Keep analgesia simple and effective

(duration of video: 3 minutes 19 seconds)

Tip 7

Neuropathic pain may require special attention

(duration of video: 52 seconds)

Tip 8

Ask about life

(duration of video: 47 seconds)

Tip 9

Give strong opiates with extreme caution

(duration of video: 1 minute 36 seconds)

Tip 10

Encourage continuity

(duration of video: 31 seconds)

Record your CPD

Live Well with Pain has partnered with Fourteen Fish, a UK company specialising in medical appraisal tools, to create a CPD recorder that is fully integrated into the site.