Developing patients’ pacing skills

Pacing is a key component in any self-management toolkit. In this video Dr Tim Williams shares the simple graphic approach he uses with patients to move them from a self-defeating ‘Boom and Bust’ mindset, to the much more effective ‘Base and Pace’ approach.

(duration of video: 3 minutes)

For more about pacing see Footstep 3 – Pacing, in Using the Ten Footsteps.

Patients who log in to Live Well with Pain can access their own patient-focused version of the  Ten Footsteps – Pacing is their ‘Footstep 3’ too.

This clip is from a training session held online via Zoom with clinicians from Clifton Court Medical Practice in Darlington, in 2020.

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Record your CPD

Live Well with Pain has partnered with Fourteen Fish, a UK company specialising in medical appraisal tools, to create a CPD recorder that is fully integrated into the site.