Hints and tips for healthy eating

  • People who skip breakfast find eating very small portions is a good start to eating better. Ask yourself: “where can I start?”
  • Healthy diets fuel our bodies to give us the energy we need, boost our immune system, help the body repair itself and can also improve our mental wellbeing.
  • Consider: “what three small changes could I make to my diet?”
  • Healthy eating can help us maintain a healthy weight, reduce our risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, constipation, depression and anxiety. Think: “each small step is good for me.”
  • Mediterranean diets based on pasta, fish, lentils, chicken, vegetables and fruits can help joints, muscles and nerves work better. Explore more about Mediterranean diets here. Remember “olive oil is good for me.”
  • Fruit juices and water are healthy too and help reduce drinks with caffeine like coffee and tea. Maybe: “if I have water instead of my last cup of tea, I might sleep better!”
  • Regular eating is better for energy. Ask yourself: “do I eat at the same times most days – do I need to make a small change?”
  • Daily supplements can be helpful. The UK Government suggests we should all take Vitamin D from 1st October to 31st March as there is insufficient sunlight during a UK winter to maintain Vitamin D levels – especially if you are indoors most of the time. Consider if you are on any medication: “I’ll ask the pharmacist at my local chemist if it is safe to take Vitamin D supplements”.
  • Eating is an important social activity. Remember: “when I can, I will sit and eat with others.”

Eating is an important social activity. So remember – when you can – sit and eat with others.