Supporting self management

Self management techniques from Peak Health Coaching

Dr Tim Williams and Dr Ollie Hart from Peak Health Coaching share some of their techniques and tips for supporting your patients to develop self-management skills.

These clips are from training sessions held online via Zoom with clinicians from Clifton Court Medical Practice in Darlington, in 2020.

For more on Peak Health Coaching, visit the Peak Health Coaching website

Penny Drop Moments

Tim describes some of the key ‘penny drop moments’ which helped him see persistent pain in a new light and how this enabled him to support his patients more effectively.

For more on helping your patients to self manage, see the Pain Cycle and the Self Care Cycle


Pacing is a key component in any self-management toolkit. Tim shares the simple graphic approach he uses with patients to move them from a self-defeating ‘Boom and Bust’ mindset, to the much more effective ‘Base and Pace’ approach.

For more about pacing see the Pacing section of 10 Footsteps for Clinicians, an interactive resource full of useful techniques to support you in your work with patients with persistent pain.

Or, for a place where patients can learn more about pacing for themselves, point them to the Pacing section of Ten Footsteps to Living Well with Pain, a dedicated patient-focused version of the interactive resource.

Metaphors for explaining pain

As Tim and Ollie demonstrate, the use of metaphors can be a powerful tool for explaining persistent pain to your patients.

For more resources to help you explain pain to your patients, see Explaining Pain and Pain and the Brain.

STEPS – safe prescribing in chronic pain

Tim goes through the five elements of STEPS; a useful way to make sure your prescribing is Safe, Tolerated, Effective, Priced right and Simple.

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