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Six questions to ask yourself

Designed for patients who have been taking Gabapentin or Pregabalin to help their long term pain for more than three months, this visually striking leaflet invites them to consider:

  1. Am I still in pain?
  2. Does my pain never seem to get better?
  3. Has my pain lasted more than three months?
  4. Do I have any side effects associated with my medicines?
  5. Am I missing out on life?
  6. Would I like to find other ways to manage my pain apart from medicines?

And if their answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ the leaflet provides a useful and accessible overview of the main issues – effectiveness, side effects, how to decide if they are right for the patient, how to go about safely reducing them and – crucially – what else, apart from opioids, can a person do to manage their persistent pain.

Download the leaflet

This resource was developed jointly by Collingwood Health Group and Live Well with Pain, with support from North Tyneside CCG.

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