New interactive resources for you and your patient

15 June 2020

Live Well with Pain with support from Durham University has developed two new interactive online resources to help you support your patients to better self manage their pain.

Ten Footsteps for clinicians takes you through the ten key stages of supporting your patient, from understanding pain and the brain (footstep 1) right through to managing setbacks (footstep 10). The resource is full of useful information for clinicians, including tips and advice on how to work with your patient so that they engage with and take on board the self-management approach.

Ten Footsteps for patients follows the same ten step structure, but is written and designed specifically with patients in mind. It uses the same accessible, self-help approach that has proved so attractive to users of, our patient-focused, sister website to this.

Links on the patient version to videos and animations as well as printable PDFs mean your patients will have a rich store of material to draw on as they go on their journey, supported by you, towards effective self management of their pain.

Visit the clinicians’ Ten Footsteps

Visit the patients’ Ten Footsteps

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