Footsteps Festival 2021 – a new and creative way to live well with pain

17 January 2021

It’s been a tough year for everyone, especially people living with pain. So during the first lockdown, a group of like-minded healthcare professionals together with people with lived experience of pain, met on Zoom to explore what they could do to reach out to people living with pain. The result was Footsteps Festival 2021, a year-long celebration of living well with pain.

Footsteps Festival takes a creative approach to living with persistent pain. It aims to bring people together through an eclectic and fun mix of free online events on everything from understanding your pain, to finding new and creative ways of living well despite it.

The festival is happening in a ‘virtual space’ in which different festival ‘zones’ are the venues for different types of events. These events happen on Zoom and many are participatory, with opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.

Event presenters include pain specialists and people with lived experience of pain, but the festival also takes a more innovative approach to exploring the subject. It has partnered with leading arts organisations such as Opera North and Balbir Singh Dance Company to deliver creative workshops designed specifically for people living with persistent pain.

Opera North, for example, has developed Step into Singing, a series of weekly workshops led by opera singer, Marie Claire Breen. Participants in the free sessions will discover the fun and freedom that singing can bring, learn breathing techniques, mindfulness, vocal exercises and songs from a wide range of genres – all carefully crafted to support wellbeing and provide a healthy dose of joy!

Footsteps Festival 2021 has much to offer people living with pain – and is a great additional resource for clinicians looking for ways to engage their patients in self-management. Encourage your patients to explore the festival.

You could also sign up for festival alerts so you’ll be able to signpost your patients to specific events that you feel may interest them.

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