A new film to inspire your patients

30 September 2019

Life After Opioids – Louise’s Story is a new film from Live Well with Pain that will inspire your patients to think again about trying to manage their pain with opioids.

Louise, who has lived with fibromyalgia for most of her adult life, movingly describes in her own words how long-term opioid use not only failed to help her pain – it actually made matters worse, with a range of debilitating side effects that many people with pain will recognise from their own opioid medicine use.

Louise’s experience of finally coming off opioids and her journey to self-management is both inspiring and thought-provoking. She also has some encouraging words for clinicians who wonder how best to support their patients to take the self-management route.

A Live Well with Pain production

(duration 23 minutes)

Why not share this film with your patients?

We have also published this video on our dedicated, patient-facing website Directing your patient there means they will also be able to explore lots of other videos and resources to help them learn more about self-managing their pain.

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We are grateful to University of Durham’s Wolfson Research Institute for Health & Wellbeing Pain Special Interest Group, for their financial support in making this film.


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