Using the resources

The resources in this site have been developed for you to use free of charge in your work supporting people with pain.

The following information explains what we mean by ‘free to use’ in more detail:

Printing the resources

You may freely download and print Live Well with Pain resources to use in the course of your work with patients, providing them with copies to support their self-management.

You may also download and print copies to share with your immediate colleagues who are working with people with pain.

If you would like to print or distribute larger quantities of materials (for example at the Practice, Trust or CCG level), please get in touch. and we will be happy to discuss supplying larger quantities of printed materials.

Electronic distribution

You may also electronically share the resources with colleagues and patients. If you wish to send links to patients, we would recommend that you direct them to our sister site,, as this is written with patients in mind and will provide patients with a more appropriate environment in which to explore resources (rather than the sometimes technical tone of this clinician-facing site).

Use of the resources for training

If you would like to use the Live Well with Pain resources as part of a clinician training programme, please get in touch discuss licensing to cover your use.

The clinicians who developed Live Well with Pain also offer training based on its methods and techniques. If you would be interested in finding out how this can be delivered in your organisation, please get in touch.

Continuing Professional Development

You may freely link to pages in the Live Well with Pain site as evidence of your CPD. We have developed the site to make this easy to do as you explore its resources – read more about how to do this here.

Republishing the materials

We ask you not to alter, edit or otherwise amend the resources. Nor should you republish them in print or online, except as short extracts for illustrative purposes only.

When publishing extracts you should always include the copyright information (“Copyright Live Well with Pain”) and, if online, a link back to the original source (this website).

Adapting Live Well with Pain for your local context

If you would be interested in how a bespoke version of Live Well with Pain resources and website could be developed for use in your local context, please get in touch.

Living with pain?

Visit My Live Well with Pain for really useful information and resources to help you live well, despite the pain.

Live Well with Pain

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Using our resources

Live Well with Pain resources are free to use as part of your work supporting people with persistent pain. Read more about using our resources here.