Shifting the conversation

  • Breaking the persistent pain cycle

    If we concentrate on medication alone we are focusing on one of the least changeable aspects of the person’s long-term condition. When a patient learns more about how pain is affecting their ’s life it can help set them on a route to change.

  • Six Self Care Questions

    A great way to get patients thinking about self-care in a constructive way, the Six Self Care Questions can be introduced at any stage in your work with them around managing their pain.

  • Listen to the ‘pain story’

    Video: Dr Tim Williams explains why it’s important to listen to the patient’s ‘pain story’ from start to finish.

  • Pain management and action plans

    Video: Dr Frances Cole explores the impact of persistent pain and ways to manage it, with a patient.

  • Psychology in people with pain

    Video: Professor Tamar Pincus on what to do when psychology in people with pain makes pain management more difficult.

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