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Exploring medication use

A short video demonstrating clinician–patient interaction as the patient is introduced to the idea of medication having both benefits and risks. Watch the video >

Making changes to opioid prescribing

Primary care is under pressure to make changes to opioid prescribing. If you’re seeing people on opioids, particularly high doses and those still reporting pain, here are some useful ideas for where to start. Read how to make changes >

Prescribing opioids as part of rehabilitation

Dr Tim Williams explains the basis on which he would prescribe strong opioids – and when he would not  Watch the video >

Medication review

A short video in which a patient and clinician explore the benefits and risks of opioids, and agree a reduction in dose   Watch the video >

Review of behaviour change and opioids medication trial

A consultation in which a review of patient behaviour change leads onto an exploration of the impact of morphine use   Watch the video >