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Resources for clinicians

The resources in this section focus on developing how you, as a practitioner, work with people living with persistent pain. They will help you:

• Increase your confidence in working with people with persistent pain

• Develop new skills for ‘shifting the conversation’ towards self management

• Support your patient to form person-centred goals

• Gain new techniques for building patients’ self management skills

• Provide your patient with practical self management tools

• Be better able to support your patient on their self care journey


New! Opioid Zone

Live Well with Pain has launched a new a library of resources in response to the current surge of interest in opioid use, with a focus on management, safety and tapering.

We’ve organised the rest of the clinician resources around three key themes:


Shifting the conversation

For patients to recognise the need to make changes in their life, often entails a huge shift in the way they think about their pain. Resources in this theme will help you shift your conversation with them towards self management.


Supporting self management

These resources are focused on the skills patients need to self manage  – and the skills you’ll need so you can support them in getting there.


Medication and your patient

An increasingly important topic in its own right, this section of the website provides a number of practical resources to help you ensure your patient is making effective use of medication, especially opioids.