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Live Well with Pain

Supporting clinicians to develop patients’ self confidence to live well with pain through better knowledge, skills and resources to guide them

Persistent pain is a challenge, for the person with pain, their family or carers, friends, employer and certainly their GP and health care practitioners. The medical model of care is considered redundant as pain scientists have shown a biopsychosocial approach is more effective to manage pain. Persistent pain cannot be ‘fixed or cured’ and needs person centred management to help people live better lives with it.

Clinicians, especially general practitioners, realise the need to change how they work with people with persistent pain. The reliance on medication only with its range of side effects and long term problems just adds to the challenges.

The way forward for clinicians

The way forward for clinicians is therefore to know more about persistent pain and ways to engage patients in shifting from a “fix it for me” mind set to “help me make the best of my life.”

Live Well with Pain offers a range of knowledge, skills, tools and resources to use in brief patient contact time. They are designed to help clinicians enable greater self confidence in patients to be clearer about their needs, manage or cope with their pain well and be more effective in their use of health care.

The resources have been tried and tested in ever busier pain and self management services for past two decades, and offer:

  • a choice of written and audiovisual content, some written with patients
  • video clinician demonstrations on how to approach pain management to shift conversations towards a focus on the changeable aspects of pain

They are patient-focused and can be linked seamlessly via confidential email link with the individual. They will support you to:

  • engage the patient to take action to live well and enjoyably
  • manage medication optimally and safely
Why the Live Well With Pain site?

This website has emerged from the enthusiasm of clinicians working in primary and community care, who recognise that it is possible to support patient change in self management of pain, and that – despite the frustrations  – it can be interesting, fun, thought provoking and satisfying!

We are keen for Live Well with Pain to become a valued resource and so want it to be shaped by the clinicians who use it. This will help it be to real, practical and clear for both clinicians and people with pain when time and pressures are many. So we need feedback on:

  • The use of  the learning ideas and resources suggested
  • Other approaches and resources clinicians would value, so please contribute and share ideas, resources, websites etc.
  • Exploring useful knowledge sources or support to help build confidence in managing persistent pain.

Help us shape this to be the best resource for clinicians to support people with pain so they become confident self managers.

Do email us questions, comments, suggestions. Sign up for the newsletter and most of all share with us what you discover with the use of resources from Live Well with Pain.

Frances Cole and Emma Davies