Shifting the conversation

How to move patients towards taking control of their pain


Inspirational true story

From 30 stone and suicidal, to international cyclist. Inspire your patients with the true story of a man who refused to let chronic pain rule his life.


Gabapentinoids – how use them and review them effectively. Timely and useful information from Live Well with Pain, coming soon


Welcome to Live Well with Pain, developed by clinicians, for clinicians to help you support your patients towards better self management of their long term pain.

Leaflets and posters

Great resources to print out and share with your patients

Self management

Learn how to teach these vital skills to patients, so they can increase self efficacy

Medication and your patient

Opioids can be helpful, but patients need to know more if they are to use them wisely

Live Well with Pain is completely free to use, and is full of techniques and resources that GPs and pain specialists have found useful over many years. They will increase your skills and confidence in working with people who live with persistent pain.